Mt Playmore



Looking for a unique way to fundraise?

Organize an event at Mt Playmore to raise money for your organization.

It’s simple! Call us three weeks in advance to book a Spirit Night, which can take place on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday between 3 PM and 8 PM. People who show up for the event will run around our monster-sized playscape, play endless games in our arcade, and eat at the Hungry Yet Café. When all is said and done, within 72 hours, you’ll receive a check for a percentage of the revenue generated during the event, including admission.

Call 512-989-8886 for details.


Could your team benefit from building trust and communication?

We organize fun team-building events!

Guide your blind-folded coworkers through our giant obstacle course to improve trust and communication. Split up into teams and see who one can climb, slide, and zipline to the finish line the fastest.

Call 512-989-8886 for details.


Want Mt Playmore all to yourself?

No problem! Rent out Mt Playmore for a private event and have our giant playscape, arcade, restaurant, and toddler area all to yourself! It’s perfect for corporate groups, church groups, Girl Scouts/Cub Scouts, sports teams, schools, clubs, and more.

Call 512-989-8886 for details.