Our playscape is truly "Texas Sized!"  At 120 ft X 60 ft, and stands 18 feet tall, which is the same size as a 3,000 square foot house!

Your children are going to have a blast at the biggest and best indoor playscape in Central Texas, but the fun is not just for them! Our playscape is designed so that adults can comfortably play along with their children, without having to squeeze through impossible tight spaces or crawl on hard surfaces. Utilizing a tensioned web floors throughout, our playground is fun and comfortable for all ages to explore and enjoy. At Mt. Playmore, parents don't need to wait around bored while the kids have all the fun! Since Mom & Dad are probably going to tire out before the kids do, a central seating area in the middle of our playscape lets them keep an eye on their kids when they want to relax.




Front View


Side View

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